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Economic and Workforce Development: Let’s Tango!

Communities that tackle workforce and economic development together are reaping the benefits. To effectively prepare the workforce, we need to understand where the jobs are, what the jobs are, and what skills employers are seeking. Learn how these two disciplines can work collaboratively and the resulting rewards!

Presenter: Trudy Parsons

Trudy heads up the National Workforce Development Division, launched within MDB Insight in 2011. The driving force for this new division, she is a proponent of the interconnectedness between workforce and economic development.

In today’s competitive global market, talent is often the distinguishing factor that attracts new investment and supports business expansion. It is on this premise that Trudy supports local communities, regions, and provinces to establish policy and practices that promote talent alignment, attraction and retention. She seeks innovative approaches to address local challenges, and grounds strategies in evidence.

Trudy brings experience working in the public, private, and non-profit sector. Prior to joining MDB Insight, she served as Executive Director of a regional workforce development non-profit where she brought together top-level leadership across business, education, government, intermediary organizations, and workforce groups to create a longer-term regional strategy to influence local and regional economic development and employment.

Trudy has authored numerous publications related to workforce development, including case studies, research reports, and comprehensive strategies and she has delivered keynotes and presentations on the topic of workforce development at conferences across Canada and the US. Trudy holds her M.B.A., and is a Chartered Manager through the Canadian Institute of Management. A proud Newfoundlander, Trudy now resides in Ontario.

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