Keynote: The Future of Business and Attracting Top Young Talent

Keynote Speaker: Kelly Lovell

Kelly Lovell, an acclaimed Youth Mobilizer and Social Entrepreneur, is bridging the gap between business and community to create opportunities for the next generation to thrive. She is a 16-time award-winning thought leader, 3-time TEDx speaker, and CEO of Lovell Corporation and My Effect Inc.

Featured by Forbes, INC., Globe & Mail, FOX News, and Entrepreneur, Kelly Lovell is sought out for her expertise in engaging Millennials and Generation Z. Her international networks reach youth influencers across 59+ countries and she is ranked among the top 0.1% of online influencers on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and youth mobilization (Klout).

Having met with Heads of State and B20/G20 world leaders, Lovell is often enlisted to discuss the needs of the next generation and create action plans that improve youth employment and social entrepreneurship outcomes. Most recently at 23 years old, Lovell became Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Young Leader of 2016 — a prestigious award that celebrates youth leaders from Commonwealth countries that are making a profound difference in the communities.

At its core, Lovell’s work is rooted in creating opportunities for youth-led innovation and empowering her peers to reach their full potential. Armed with an unwavering passion and an impressive drive, Lovell has grown her company portfolio to five distinct brands that harness media and technology to provide mentorship, skill-building, and entrepreneurship support for youth.

Keynote: The Future of Business and Attracting Top Young Talent

With 91% of Millennials expecting to stay in a job for less than three years, attracting and retaining this demographic is becoming crucial. No longer concerned about the bottom dollar, Millennial employees are looking to join vibrant communities, even if that means leaving you. So how do you engage and retain them?

Much to the frustration of management, these young employees do not respond well to traditional communication and training methods. Gone is work-life balance and in its place is a demand for personalized experiences with opportunity to grow.

So what does this all mean? How can you respond to these shifting values and new workplace demands in a cost-effective way?

Millennial Employee Engagement Training Workshop

This millennial employee engagement training, facilitated by 16 time award-winning Youth Mobilizer and Millennial Consultant Kelly Lovell, covers topics of the millennial mindset and trends of next generation of the workforce. It is best suited for executive leadership teams, HR managers, recruiters, businesses, and corporations, who want to attract and retain young talent.

Participants will Learn

  • How-to build employee engagement plans that respond to the millennial mindset and shifting workplace values.
  • To communicate the value of their corporate social responsibility and employee volunteering programs.
  • To develop workplace strategies to attract top young talent and transform them into engaged ambassadors of their organization.

Participants will learn the characteristic drivers of millennial employees – what they seek in their workplace culture and more importantly why they leave. Data-driven insights will illustrate workplace shifts and the future employee engagement with an emphasis on the role of social responsibility and future skills development. Industry examples and case studies will further demonstrate applications and tangible steps participants can use to improve their own workplace cultures.

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